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Installing Pro-E on a backup computer


New member
Hello Guru's,

Can anyone tell me if I can install Pro-E on a backup computer (home desktop system), only having 1 liscensed seat of Pro-E?

I had a scare today when my computer (everyday laptop with 1 seat liscense) crashed. I would be in deeptrouble if it had not come back up! With lots of deadlines and projects to be done. I am not current on my maintenance so callingPTC is not really an option until I paylots of doe.

I know I can go to PTC website and perminatly switch my liscense to the home backup system, but then will it still work on the laptop ifI leave all as is?What will tell the laptop anything has changed??

Obviously this is not a question of ethics, mearly a need for a backup system I can switch to in case something happens to mylaptop. I am a one person company who can only work on one system at a time.

Any comments or help is greatly appreciated!!!



i think ur gonna be stuck.

from what i remember, and having long talks to our IT guy back in the
days when we could find him. That kinda of licence is locked to your
networkcard. unless u can remove it from the laptop and put it into ur
desktop ur stuck.

good luck.


If PTC will allow it (and I don't see why they wouldn't), you could assign your licenses to a removable PCMCIA ethernet card for your laptop. Then you could purchase a PCMCIA adapter for your other computer. There's still the chance that the network adapter alone could fail which would put you in the same situation you're in now... so I'd get a good one.

You'd also need to fiddle with registry settings on both machines so that the removable card was was set up as the 'first' NIC in the system.

[url]http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-det ails.asp?EdpNo=1042026&Sku=C250-3746&SRCCODE=WEBGOOA UT&CMP=KNC-GOOGL[/url]


New member
I don't think you can do anything without a maintenance contract. Because you will not be able to change the license file.

But if you install the license on a server as FlexLm service. Normal a server is more stable, and with backups. Then you will be able to load the license from any workstation in the LAN. You will even with Wildfire 2 be able to use borrow license