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Install ProE 2001 se to IBM T30


New member
Hello does anyone know or have experienced problems installing Proe 2001 se to this labtop. For instance graphics compatibility and DVD drive recognition.

I know proe has particular install requirements and want to be sure. My graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 set to 1024x768 and 16bit color. Is this ok?? I am networked and connected to net with BBand.

Plus I'm running winxp pro sp1. Any issue with sp1???

Regards and thx


New member
I have got Pro/E to work on some pretty bad computers before. You can probably get to work on this laptop but there is no telling how well it will perform. In general I have seen alot of problems with Radeon cards but at the same time they are very common and there are alot of people using them with no problems.

I would say give it a shot. If it doesn't work then come back here and see if we can assist you.

If you end up needing assistance locate your std.out and/or std.err file and post the message that it contains. If your std.out has that stupid can't run withou cd in cd rom drive error delete the file, put the cd in your cd rom drive, try to luanch proe again and then check for a new std.out file.