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insert/hole :(


New member
I believe after you clic on a surface to place the hole, then clic PLACEMENT. Now you need to choose coaxial, radial, or diameter placement. At least one drag handle should snap to an axis now.



its so much faster just point and click anyway.,

with dragging ur never really Sure that u got the correct feature


Active member

Question:why can't the drag handles that you use to postion a hole snap to a point or axis?

Answer: Its because by default hole type is linear, and linear asks for edge, plane or surface.

If you want a coaxial hole, a better technique is first youselect axis then you activate hole command and it will autamatically pick that axis, now you just right click and select secondary reference and then select surface of plane.

BTW you can make changes to your menu_def.pro to make the coaxial hole as default but this is not recommended.



New member
Original question, why can't you?

In 2001 you could easily complete this function. Having another hole be constrained linear from an axis or point. Additional picks were required to identify the direction once you selected the axis.

Has PTC reduced this capability or is there just another way to complete the same thing.