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insert dxf as part.


New member
I have found 1 way to insert an external dxf as a part.

I do this by -file-open and then choosing a dxf instead of a Wildfire part. Wildfire2 then asks how the dxf file should be opened. I select "as part" and then I have what I want. In my feature tree the part is displayed as "Import Feature id 4"

Drawback is, that I can only "import" 1 dxf. And all parameters that are usually automatically generated from my starting model, are not in my model.

-Can I somehow just "insert" a dxf as a part into a part, that is allready opened ?

-Can I import parameters, from my start-model into a new part ?

Tia. Sander.


New member
You can create separate part and import any number of DXF files you want, BUT, you have to specify coordinate system where to place your DXF geometry.

Create part > Insert > Data from file... > [choose DXF file] and specify coordinate system and then repeat procedure as many times you need to.


what i do is once i make a fresh part then in sketcher, i goto insert ?
->data from file -> load my dxf. then select all the valid


works well for me

that way u can change it around easier and u have all ur default datums.

loading it as a part makes it err less flexable in my opinion :)


New member
My dxfs can be pretty complex, soo if I insert them as a sketch, my Intent Manager goes crazy.

By inserting it as a part, my dxf is fixed. I then use it as an underlayer for the rest of my part.

I guess both are two means of importing a dxf, but with different goals...