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Insert company logo on form


New member
I know this may sound like a very basic question, but is there any way to import a *.jpg (or any other picture format) into a pro/E form? I need to place my new company logo on a form and be able to create PDFs with it. I


New member
Search forum with that question
(insert logo, jpg ..... etc) and I am sure that you will findanswer on
that because I know thathave already read answers about exactly same


New member
In format or drawing mode ofWF 2.0, you can insertyour company logoas pictures orsymbols.Choose insert>object and then, select which kind of object you want to put on.

Hope this helpful


New member
Looks to be pretty much the same in r2001

Insert>Object then Create from File and then Browse... find your file


New member
Thanks to all for your responses. I did search the forum as I thought I saw something about the topic about a month ago, but all I found was a topic with no replies to it.

I tried to insert the image as an OLE object. It plots fine on paper, but it won't show on a PDF. I need to be able to create a batch of over 2,000 drawings on PDF format with the new logo. Has any of you done this before? Thanks for your assistance.

Aaron Mejia.


New member
Thanks to all for your inputs.

I ended up changing myJPG file to TIFF, then I imported the file into Rhino (I had to download the trial version) and exported the file as both IGES and DXF. I then cleaned up the DXF file on AutoCad andsaved the DXF. All that allowed me to import the DXF data using Import>Data from File. It works, but I hope there is an easier way to do the same thing. Again, thanks to everybody for your support.

Aaron Mejia


New member
The best way I've found is to importthe logo into Adobe Illustrator or other similar graphics program.You then vectorize the logo, remove all filland export a dxf to use in formats. You have to open it in an empty format to add fill and trace to reduce entity count if you logo is complex. Then re-export.

As far as exporting a pdf goes, I useAdobeDistiller (I think it's a free download. If not it's included with Adobe Wrtier). Just select print and choose Generic Postscript under the destination drop-down.Change the file extension to .ps before you save. Thenopen the.ps file fromthe file folder and distiller converts it to a pdf file.

If you don't want color showing up in you pdf file, make sure youdon't select theGeneric Color Postscript selection.


New member
I'm running v2001.

I've always used a .BMP file. While converting a PDF into a .BMP will cause you pain, if you can get the logo in .BMP you should be able to easily import the file.