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Indicating page number in cross section


New member
hai all....,how

to indicate page number in cross section line and cross section view by
manual or auto as shown in the pic below or any other possible way.
because i have a detail drawing which have 15 page number and its hard
to find the section details.View attachment 5817

i am using pro-e WF3.


Boopathi raj


New member
For option 1, simply put a note in the drawing where you want it. For option 2, left click on the note indicating the section and scale to highlight it, then right click and go to properties, and add another line to the note indicating the page number. It probably wouldn't hurt to do both so that you can find the section or find where it's taken, depending what you are trying to figure out. Just like a lot of things, it's easy if you don't mind doing it manually. I'm using wildfire 3 also. I was beginning to think I was the only one lucky enough not to have to move "up" to creo. I hope I never do!
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Captain Kirk

New member
Hi Boo
I dont know if this available to you in WF# but this is my detail note
SEE DETAIL &view_name
Sheet &pos_loc:view:C "C" being my view name

Research: &pos_loc

I did revamp my DTL config: &pos_loc_format for some extra spacing

You must also have your grid locations set In your Format.
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