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Inch Holes


New member
I am working on a project for an europian customer, where I need to show inch holes like 11/32", 1/8". How do I show these (Tapepd holes) in proe 2001?


New member
Click on the thread and show the dimensions. Click on the dimensions and clock on the dsimension in the drop down menu. A dialog box should come up. This is where you can change it to a fraction.


New member
One option is use of proper HOL file for pipe (Withworth) threaded holes. The other option is to create dimension in the drawing and change dimension text to @O1/8" (instead of default @D), but you loose asociativity with that.


They must be pipe threads, inch sizes are widely used in Europe. While working in France, the first part I designed with pipe threads I looked up the ISO metric pipe thread standard and specified that on the print. The French manufacturing engineer came to me and asked "What is this thread?" They were used to ANSI NPT!