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In need of a Pro/E student edition 2001 project idea!!


New member
I am a senior at a high school in florida and i have to do a senior project. I will use Pro/E to design something for my project. I am interested in Aerospace Management; particularly want to work in the mission control room for NASA. I am attending Emrby-Riddle soon.

If you have an idea for a simple product(entity that can be used by others)that relates to the field i am going into, please don't hesistate to tell me about your idea for a good product to design on Pro/E *student edition 2001* for my project.
Europa, Not sure if I am even in the right group, but I have been trying to promote my idea of a tower to 3.5 km (uniform) 6 km (tapered) and clear span bridge to 7 km (self weight only)

One of the ideas with the tower is to make it so that the top can curve down to the ground, attach the payload, and 'whip' it up to orbit or beyond. Sound crazy?

Not so crazy when you understand my concept. - Please visit my info pages at: - and see if the tower description suits your product. I'm not sure that you'd call it a simple product but it would be an excellent study for a group.

Best of luck! Dave.


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