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Importing IGES Files to Pro/E Wildfire 2


New member
I need some help in importing IGES files in Pro/e WIldfire 2.0. When I
open an IGES data file the solid model is created as a single
feature (like "import feature id 4") and all entities are shown
For example, I saved a copy of a pro/e solid model with one extrusion,
several holes and couple of round features, as IGES file. Subsequently,
when I open the IGES file in Pro/E, I get all
the features as a single import feature. How do I open an IGES file to
get each individual features? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,


New member
As far as I have been able to figure out, what you are asking to do is impossible with Pro/Engineer unless you purchase/rent third party software for translating IGES files. If you are exporting and importing from Pro/E use a neutral file format instead of IGES.


New member
I have found by minipulating the Layers, blanking and unblanking, some of the features can be segregated from the rest. I presume as one imports outside models into ProE, they should use the layers option. This will make feature isolation possible.

keith faskin

New member
think of an iges like a jpeg, in photoshop you have many layers of shade and textures but when you export as a jpeg you loose these and the image becomes flat, an iges is a volume grab a bit like how proe makes shrinkraps

hope that helps