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Importing graphic logo's into WF and extruding.

Hanns 003

New member
I have a current part that l would like to imbose the clients logo into.

I have converted the logo into both DXF, IGES, and ai formats, but evry time you import something into sketcher with more than 10 lines if falls over and die's.

Is there any way at all of getting around this problem and being able to import grahic logos or even type into WF?




New member

there's a new option called


It was originally intended for 20003170 but they implemented it I think on 2003310 (i don't remember now, I'm at home) or something like that, it has worked wonders with us!

It still takes a while with over 10,000 entities, but you get there at the end...

hope this helps, mail me if you need more info.

you can always open an iges curve and reference your sketch there, as we used to do. Look at the Ford key model here on proecentral

you should try it


New member
Or you can insert the iges file logo in the curent model file.

In this case you can use Pro/Legancy for manipulate the wireframe, create quilts, extend them -> up to plane/surface

... or you can easy use the Tweak -> offset.



New member
Let me get this straight, you can import adobe illustrator files into pro-e models? Even if they are just graphics?


New member
you can get them in, but to be useable they need to be vectors/polylines

generally better to convert the an *.ai or*.dxf into IGES entities when doing logos (in my experience)

rhino is a very good translator

vellum-graphite does it as well (i have to use this horrible program as we have mac users)

not sure wether the latest acad does iges


New member
Logo's in solid are always and still a pain in the ass...

Do not use sketch, use edge: you will get to much entities.

Import the logo iges to a new csys. Use offset csys to control the position of the import. Then sketch spline curves over selected references of the import. Only select use edge for straight entities. In fact you're drafting the logo again. Spread it around several features. When done, blank the import by layer. Then extrude the logo with use of the curves. A lot of work, but the best practice as I see it.