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Importing file as sheet metal part

Francois D

New member
I use a software (Artios CAD) that designs flat cardboard parts (ex.: cardboard boxes).

I want to send the flat parts from this software to Solidworks (in DXFformat or other). I want Solidworks to recognize my imported flat partas a sheet metal partso I canfold it &make a 3D out of it & render the part.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


New member
SolidWorks will not recognize a 2-D DXF / DWG as a sheet metal part. You could import the flat pattern into SW, then add the bends, but I do not recommend it.

Here are the following steps (simplified) to import a sheet metal part into SW:

<ul>[*]Model the sheet metal part in the formed state (not flat state).
[/list]<ul>[*]Export the file as a Parasolid, STEP, or IGES before importing into SW.[/list]<ul>[*]Use FeatureWorks (SolidWorks Premium) to recognize the part as a sheet metal part, and re-create the sheet metal features.[/list]Once SW recognizes the part as a sheet metal part, than the flat pattern can be created. Note that FeatureWorks is not included in the standard SW license, and it may not work for complex sheet metal geometry.