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Importing a step file/creating a solid



I have imported a STEP file as a solid. Is it possible to create a cut on the converted model?



New member
if it imported as a solid, you should have no problem creating cuts or adding protrutions, just about anything except for modifing that imported data directly


Summary for anyone who cares.

For some reason, even though I imported the step file as a solid, the part still acts like a surface. My solution was to redefine the imported file, choose heal geometry, and delete the surfaces that I don't need. Thanks to kshubert for the reply.



New member
on step or other date translation to or from Pro/E always depends about configurations, on both softwares. Of course it depends on accuracy (no. of decimals, or whatever) and not the lastest it depends on let's call it geom checks ... tiny edge and the others.

For healing the geometry exist many ways. But in my opinion is not a fixed rule.

- for very complex geometry is better to rebuild areas on Pro/Legancy

- for simple or - accurate export, will work just heal geometry and automatic mode.

Anyway this domain is to big to be fit on general discusions.

If you or somebosy else have an example ... let's show it!

... Adrian


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