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Importing a JPEG into a format


New member
I am trying to create new formats using a Jpeg for the company logo. I am struggling as the jpeg does not seem to stay constent in size, tends to be too big or small. I need to import the logo retaining its size.

Has anyone any ideas or experiance with this problem?



I don't recommend trying to use raster images (i.e., bmp, gif, jpg, tif) on Pro/E drawings.
<LI>They will not show up on paper unless you use the windows print manager
<LI>they are typically not 'sharp' (meaning logo borders are usually fuzzy or anti-aliased)
<LI>compression from gifs and jpegs can look ugly.</LI>[/list]

I'd recommend starting with a vector format such as dxf, iges, pdf, ai, eps/ps/pdf etc. for better results.

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New member
wombleman said:
I have the logo as a .pdf and have used the insert object function in Pro/E.

However the logo does not come in. All I get is the Acrobat logo with 'Acrobat Document' underneath. I guess that I am not inserting correctly?

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I have found little use for the OLE functionality in Pro/E yet (inserting objects as you are trying to do).

Instead, you'll need to find a way to translate your PDF into a format that Pro/E can import (not embed) such as dxf, IGES. Wildfile can also import Adobe Illustrator files, although I always get garbage along with it.

We currently use an adobe illustrator plugin to export DXFs:
[url]http://www.kandusoftware.com/products/windows/dxfexportaipi. html[/url]

rick hill

New member
Save your logo as a dxf, then open it in Pro/E as a drawing.

Then create a symbol, copy from the logo drawing, make necessary
changes and adjustments, and save as logo symbol.
Modify attributes picking free origin point and free variable sysbol instance height, and save.

This can then be inserted and at a scale if need be.