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Importing a jpeg in 2001 drawing


New member
In Wildfire when I insert an object (company logo.jpg) I get a picture of our company logo. In 2001 when I try the same thing, I get an OLE icon. How do I insert a jpeg of our company logo in 2001 and make it look right.

Steve C


New member
With a drawing or format on the screen, select Insert, Object, Create from File, Browse to the jpeg file.

When the jpeg file comes up resize and move to the selected location.

I've had no luck using tiff images only jpegs




New member
That works great in Wildfire, but I only get the OLE icon in 2001, and I'm needing this for 2001.

I do it all the time in 2001, I haven't tried it in Wildfire.

Enclosed is a photorendered picture of and engine block done in Pro/E (jpeg) put on an A-size drawing.

No problem

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New member
Better late than never....

Try uninstalling Microsoft Photo Editor by using the add remove
features option when you put in your Office CD. Reboot, reinstall it
and assign photo editor to open jpegs (file types tab in folder options)

I'd been messing around with this for a while where some people could
open jpeg's and some could open tiff's and some could open bmp's but no
one could insert all of the file types. If your having this problem,
try the above solution.