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Import Step Assembly Creates Additional Assembly


New member
I am trying to download and import step assembly files from Mcmaster-Carr. When I download the step file and import it as an assembly, Creo creates an assembly, and then it creates a sub assembly out of the assembly model I am actually trying to import. So I'm getting 2 assemblies where I only need one. I also get two sets of everything (e.g. planes). I end up having to pull the sub assembly out for my purposes. Any idea how to stop this?

In the attached pic, creo is creating ASM0003. It pops the sub assembly I downloaded 6498.. into ASM0003. I just want 6498



I get the same thing in WF4 with STEP files from many sources, don't know the cause or how to stop it. Interested to see what response you get.


New member
The work around which I use is to open the STEP file which creates the two assemblies, the higher level one is named in your instance 6498 and the lower level (sub assembly) is the ASM0003. The method I use is I open the ASM0003 and then close the 6498 and clear it from memory and "saveas" the ASM0003 to 6498. Yes I wish I knew if there was a way to directly open the STEP to one assembly with it's original name, but that's all I have for now. It isn't so bad when you download and import as many STEP files from McMaster and the multitudes of other part websites as I do, but yes I wish there was. I will research this with PTC and get back to you tomorrow as it is a pet peeve of mine as well.