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import "real" geoetry from .obj, .dxf, or .stl


New member
I am trying to get data from Mimics into ProE. I think the only useful output options from Mimics are .stl, .dxf and I can translate .stl to .obj if that would be useful. I can bring the data into ProE with no problem but I can't do anything with it. Is there a way to create surfaces or solids from tessalated input data? From previous posts it seems that there may be a way to translate from .obj to Nurbs using Maya.

I'd really appreciate any help I could get.



Do not try to use stl files in order to work with them with the common features in proe.

You can use imported faced data (stl files) in proe to :

1. calculate mass properties and measurements such as distance, length, angle and area.

2. create datum features by referencing the faces, edges, and vertices of the faceted data.

The geometry is static and is an imported feature. Faceted geometric entities do not have permanent entity IDs as exact geometric shapes.

There is no association between the faceted data and the datum features created by referencing the faceted data

Try to use iges or stp formats, if it is possible of course...