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Import from Rhino


New member
I am trying to seamlessly import my Rhino surfaces into Pro/e so that our engineers can work with the file. I have used STEP and it translates well, but doesn't allow much (if any) room for modifying the shape. Any suggestions?


New member

I was trying to use surfaces from rhino, but there were to much holes to fix, what i did, was to create proyected datum curves on rhino and export them into pro/e, that was the only way i found to have better surface modeled in pro/e, any change on surface into rhino affects dramatically the model shape. if some one know about it i will apreciate too


New member
I bring in rhino files to stitch them for people that need stl files.

On their own they dont stick together very well but they are okay for machining because toolmakers dont mind gaps.

You will find the same updating problems with alias and cdrs if you ever need to change the surfaces.

If you are using the surfaces in pro why not use isdx?

Using an external surfacing package will bite you in the a__




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