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Import Excel spredsheet into a drawing table...


New member
Hey guys,

Looked through the forum, and couldn't find anything, so decided to start a new thread...

Any easy way to import an Excel spreadsheet into a drawing? Not as an object, but just the raw data into a plain table (ProE 2001)?

As i know, unless you are willing to just be satisfied with an OLE link, this is not possible.

However, we can write a p-Shell Application to do this quite easily, but there are limits thanks to Pro/TOOLKIT (e.g. formatting).

Contact me directly if you are interested.

Thanks guys.

I figured out a different method as well.

Take out the extra white space in excel, and save the excel file as a (space delimited) .prn file.

Import the .prn file into the drawing as a note.

Lay a table over the top of the note by character width and height...

Thanks again,

I did not know PTC had a workaround for this - nice find!

Unfortunately the PTC recommendation is pretty user intensive for what should be a simple task. I would still recommend a p-Shell / Pro/TOOLKIT application to tackle this. You will get with better quality and without having to introduce the human factors for formatting in MS-Excel manaually. (what a pain)

Just a suggestion - we may do an article on this subject soon as it is an interesting one.



That's why I actually prefer my method, to all of that editing. When the table changes (inevitable)... All you do is re-import the .prn file, and lay a new (or modify the old) empty table over it.

And you are right, Dave. This is a lot of mucking around, for what should be a relatively simple procedure.

I don't think anyone is expecting full-blown spreadsheet capability (mathematics, formulas, etc.) But a simple transfer of values should be fairly straight forward.

Just my $0.02...



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