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import and export


New member
Please help...

Is "Wildfire 2.0 Student Edition Personal Use" able to import and
export files in format IGES, DXF or DWG? For example to transfer
objects to or from AutoCad and 3DS Max.

Thank You for answer...


New member
I WAS able to import a DWG file into my Student Version of Wildfire 2.0. I didn't have any files in either the IGES or DXF format to try. I then got side-tracked by my wife and forgot to try and export a createdfile. I'll work on this and get back to you.

Note that the DWG file I imported was an AutoCad file (version 2000 I think) that showed a 3D drawing of a cabinet section. Pro/E WF 2.0 treated each of the individual components of this cabinet section as a separatepart. The parts would need some additional work to add reference planes and dimensions, but other than that looked to be in perfect perspective.