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IBM Mouse zoom button not working in WF2


New member
The middle scroll button on my IBM mouse is used to scroll up and down in documents and to zoom in and out in Pro/E without the need to hold down the ctrl button. It workedfor 2001 and WF1, but doesn't work with WF2. It does work on one of our laptop's that use the same mouse? PTC has no answers andI have the latest mouse driver installed.

We have IBM Intellistation M Pro computers with IBM 800dpi Scrollpoint Pro Optical mouse.

Any suggestions?


New member
Try right clicking on the mouse icon in the lower right side of your screen and select "unload"

If this option is available it should fix the problem.


New member
Thanks jfausch, that fix works. It unistalls the mouse driver as Huug's solution, but makes the scroll super fast in other programs. But well worth it. Also, I noticed that when you reboot, it reinstalls the mouse driver so you will need to "unload" at ever reboot. But once again, well worth it.

Thanks for the responses. jtaylor