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I want prewiew in Proe2000

You can download Product View Express for free from PTC's website, and you'll be able to preview your models using your internet browser. Not as good as doing it in Pro E, but it's something.

I try already Wildafire and i think is great

First few days was frustrating but using menu mapper i make rapid transition

So, Product View Express for free from PTC's is the only solution


save_drawing_picture_file = embed to see preview info in the open file window for drawings.

save_model_display = Wireframe/Shading_high/Shading_med or Shading_low to determine how much detail you want in the preview pain.

Expand the File Open dialog bow by clicking on the Preview >>> button. Far as I know it's the same in WF so I don't see why this would be a reason to move sideways.

Sorry, didn't see an i or i^2 after the Pro/E2000 so thought you were asking about Pro/E2001. Did they ever release a Pro/E2000 (no i or i^2)?

Anyway with 2000i^2 the preview pane was dependent on a .bmp file that was stored separate from the part file. And, you guessed it, there's a option you have to set to enable saving the preview .bmp Don't have 2000i^2 loaded anymore but a search in the #utilities#options dialog box for bmp should reveal what it is. Not sure if this was also true with 2000i



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