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I run into problems concerning Style


New member
I run into problems concerning Style

Facts I

1. I have designed this before 2 year (year 2002) in Studio Tools. That is famous PRINZ motor boat

2. I have import only nurbs (orange 3d lines) in ProE to try will it worth for quiet good work in ProE

Facts II

1. I want to make completely new boat, using ProE explicitly, and maybe (only maybe) some 2d sketch curves like reference for drawing new ones in sketcher

2. I want to explore all CAID possibilities of ProE WF, because I don


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Speling, you are so confusing :). First, your name is incorrect? Everything looks defined. Second, it is always nice to see you here :). You do not need Style. I am only in 2001, so bear with me. Feature>Create>Surface>Advanced>Boundaries, select your curves contributing to the boundaries. Choose Edit>References and delete all references. Dimension your curves accordingly. I would think in Wildfire, you can go into Style and pull and twist as necessary? Anyways, my answer is probably incorrect, I am not sure what your question was :p