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I need information about bicycles!


New member
Hi to all

Again me and my questions :)

I need information about bicycles!

Has anybody of you work on some parts, or even whole bike? I have one project of improvement and I need information about axes, about wheels etc.

I will be liar if I don
Cannondale used Pro/E. Since they have gone bankrupt I don't know if there is anyone there to answer the phone or emails.
What? CannonBall went belly up?! Last I heard they were going to venture into some sort of motorized ATV market. Seemed like a bad idea to jump into a market like that dominated by the likes of Honda. Did someone buy up the company in the bankrupcy or is it like gone gone?

There was a thread last summer about what industries used what packages. I think Klein used Pro/E but since they got bought out by Trek I don't know what's going on there. I remeber Treck used a variety of CAD systems in developing Lances TT machines. I think they used Pro for some of the stress analysis.

Is anyone but Trek building road bikes in the US. I know there are a lot of custom frame builders but I'm talking about production bikes. Lemond doesn't count, it's a division of Trek. Marin doesn't count either, they're just importing an Italian bike and marketing it with their name.

I thought as much:

Montgomery explained that difficulties with Cannondale's motorsports business made the filing necessary, and that the Company has determined to suspend operations of the motorsports division pending a potential sale. The motorsports division was threatening the bicycle division, explained Montgomery.
I have been a bike mechanic for 6 years now. Shimano tech manuals are the best for specifications. Typicaly I grab a caliper and go to town, though. You can email me with specific questions if you like and I'll try to answer them. Also Santa Cruz uses Pro/e (they used it in colabration with Intence Cycles to develop the new vpp design)

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Wow... Cannondale gone bankrupt... who to replace all those broken Scalpel frames...

anyway, a very good site for jumping off is:

and if you can still find the page... (it's always at risk of being deleted):

they both have a lot of very good info about bikes, how they work, and some even tech drawings. It is possible to find Shimano assembly drawings of hubs, although it took me a while. Most wheel manufacturer's like to boast about their cross sections, so those are usually easy to find.

Although many frame manufacturers' will give you frame geometry (tub lengths, standover heigth, etc.) they rarely tell you the wall thickness. if you search for an Easton Aluminum web site, they have a place where you can buy the double tapered tubing. The page provides the dimensions of all their commercial choices. (I kind of like seeing the materials frame companies use, and hype it up as some new solve all material, is just another aluminum alloy).

good luck!