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Hyperthreading and ProE


New member
We have a bunch of HP machines here running Hyperthreading technology, do the new builds of Wildfire and Wildfire 2.0 make use of this technology? We have some Xeon multiple processor capable machines here and I guess I want to find out if making them all dual processor machinesand isolating xtop.exe to the second processor will be quicker than the hyperthreaded HP boxes. Is there any documentation on Hyperthread technology and ProE?


Active member
visit ptc website for hardware configurations. WF 2.0 M120 is released for both win32 and win64, I mean 64-bit.



New member
Hyperthreading doesn't necessarily have anything to do with 64-bt CPUs.

I was under the impression that HT was transparent to the application
and that the CPU or the OS divided up processes to the CPU. The
"problem" with dual CPUs was that the apps had to be specifically
written to take advantage of them and many weren't. Then again, I'd
hope an app like ProE was multi-CPU aware.