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How to super impose a model on a jpeg picture.

Nose Bleed

New member
This may seem like a silly question, but I've got a picture (jpeg) of a real world bolt, and I've designed in Pro/e a nut that will fit onto this bolt. How do I superimpose the nut attached to the bolt for illustration purposes??

It's more complicated than just a bolt and nut - other wise, I would just draw the bolt.

My customer has a hard time understaning how my design will fit into his mechanism... Thus I wanted to show the pro/e part attached to his jpeg part.

how is this done?

Thank you in advance!!
Create a surface & use your bolt as a texture on the surface. assemble your nut relative to the surface approximately how it will be installed. You're going to have to play around with perspective & scaling to get it to look right

hope this helps
If I understand the question correctly, you can try using photorender on the nut and use the bolt jpg as a wall (probably wall 2) texture.

Good luck on getting the same scales and positions though...
Both suggestions provided would probably do the trick. If you are a photoshop guy you could probably do the whold thing in photoshop. I have another idea that might work but if it is at all possible to see the JPG and mabey a render of the part it would be easier to visulize what you are trying to do.
Thanks for your input guys! Looks like I'm gonna get to play with photoshop :)

I apologize, but I cannot post the jpeg...

Thanks again!!


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