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how to show a hidden geometery in Projected view


New member
I tried to detail a part (different veiws I have shown in images). In a Projected veiw how can the hidden geometery be shown.??
can we change line styles? Pls, keep in mind that i m a beginer.

In short, like Drafting in Autocad v can make any object hidden

(Dotted like) to make it more readable. how can we achieve it here in pro\e.

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Lalit saini


New member
Try going to: View> Display mode> View Display (pick The view you want to Chang) > Hidden Lines

The hidden lines at that point should become hidden

I allways make my drawing with no hidden lines if you click the box at the top for no hidden lines you wont see any thing inside the part until you preform the operation above.


New member
You must set each view. The display options in the menu do not permanently set your views. Working in a drawing with anything but wireframe is dangerous. We have drawings from years ago with the views not set properly and they will never be correct until an ECN is written to fix them.


New member
hi leo,

I tried the way you suggested, what I got after doing that is something like ....... with both options

( Hidden lines, No hidden)......

<img border=0 src=/uploads/images/121.gif width=233 height=99> <img border=0 src=/uploads/images/122.gif width=233 height=99>

It's okay, But what I am interested in is ???
how can we achieve this


New member
Thanks Brian,

But would you pls tell me If we can change linestlyes or can we add custom line styles to our veiws.

Lalit saini


You can change the line style in a couple of ways. If you want just a few lines in hidden style, change the view display mode to wireframe (so all the lines are visible) then in edge display change individual lines to hidden line or hidden style (see the manual for the difference). Then change the view display mode back to no hidden.

In assembly drawings you can change the color of all the lines for a part. Pick Views/display mode/member display/style/user color.

If you want more radical changes (thickness, linetype, etc.) you need to replace the model geometry with draft geometry. If it is just one or two lines go to detail/tools/use edge. Pick the edges. When Pro/E prompts you to erase the edges say YES. Then go to detail/modify/line style. Pick the new draft entities and you can change anything about the line. You can make your own line styles but I never have, see the manual. Be sure to associate the draft entities with the view so they will move with it.

If you want to change a lot of edges in a view the best thing is to snapshot the view. That changes all the model geometry to draft geometry and you can do with it as you please. Remember that draft geometry is not associative to the model and will not update with model changes. Doing this a lot will make for a lot of work during revisions. Sort of defeats the purpose of using Pro/E.

All the above works in R20, newer releases may be different.


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