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How to replace a model with shrinkwrap?


New member

I have a problem. I want to replace existing assembly with a shrinkwrap. Desired method of shrinkwrap creation is merged solid, not faceted surface.

When I create Shrinkwrap using Save To option, I can't replace assembly (Pro/E stating: assembly model and shrinkwrap model are not associated). If I try to replace assembly with a shrinkwrap, created using Data Sharing option (Insert/Data Sharing/Create Shrinkwrap from Other Model), I only get faceted surface shrinwrap, which is useless for DWGs.

How the heck do I create merged solid shrinkwrap using Insert / Data Sharing option? Or is there another way?


Jurij Skraba


New member
I have found the solution for replacing assembly with Save As Copy created Merged solid shrinkwrap.

To succesfully replace assembly with Merged solid Shrinkwrap, you have to add



options into your file.

I'm not sure for the latter one, but I don't have time to roll the replacing procedures all over again. You can try also with the first option.

Best regards,

Jurij Skraba


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