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How to open old version proe models in new versions


New member

please can anybody help me how to open old version proe models in new version.

for ex: if i have a model made in proe 2000i and if i open it in proe 2001 then it gives error of compatibility.

is there any option to be used


strange question ....

i thought that the 2000i couldn't open files from 2001 or wildfire and 2001 could't open files from wildfire.. don't ask why....

but i never was told that 2001 could't open files from older versions of proe...

perhaps (iam sure...) that these files was made from an educational version of proe....

please define the exactly error that the system gives you.. and if you are right we must open our books again and examine the problem carefully....



New member
I have always been able to open an older file. The only trouble you run into is when the file wont regenerate correctly. This usually happens if you go back more than a couple releases, but the file will always open at least.

I think its probably an educational version.



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