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How to obtain the certificate of Proe


New member
Hi, all:

I try to get the certificate of ProE and have some questions want to ask.

1. How to get the certificate? Should I take an exam from PTC or somewhere else? Where can I find the related information?

2. Is there only one certificate for ProE or there have different certificates for different modules?

3. Is this realy useful for my job search or people perfer the past experience? I am a college student will be graduating this June.

Thanks advance!



Exactly what kind of certificate are you looking for? There are two types of certificates.

One is a certificate that certifies you to be proficent in an area of expertise. PTC used to do this with a program called the CEP Exam (Certified Engineering Provider). I dont' think PTC is currently offering this. It is rumored that it will pick up again, but who knows.

Another is a certificate of completion that you can get when you take a PTC training class. All it does is certify that you took the class, nothing more. It does not certify that you actually know Pro/E. Each training class will have it's own certificate of completion.


New member
Thank you for your response.

I want the first one. I took a course about ProE in our university. So basically I can say I already have the second informal certificate. I am really hope that PTC will offer it again.


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