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how to model acoustic wall tile


New member
I need to model an acoustic wall tile. It is a foam tile with rows & columns of pyramids. But, the top of the pyramid is not a point, it is round. The four side edges to not necessarily have to be round, just the top.

If anyone knows how to create this, just describe the creation of the round pyramid. I know how to create groups & pattern them.



New member
View attachment 261

Is this what you wanted?

I created it with a general blend where the second section is just 4 points on top of one another (blend verticies). The rounded top is just a rotational cut.

look up blend vertex in help... good luck


New member
thanks bem & Nose Bleed.

those both will work.

i also stumbled upon another way to do this: the sect to surf command under advanced protrusion.


New member
It occurs to me, now that you have the lead feature, if you are designing something like an anechoic chamber where there will be lots of repeating features it might be advantageous to build the part from surfaces, pattern them, then create a solid from the entire surface. This will speed up regen time

cheers !


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