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How to mirror without using the mirror feature?


New member
I was wonrering if I can mirror a feature without using the mirror command (quilts or protrusions)? I know it can be done.



New member
You're talking about Transform. (Insert > Surface Operations > Transform in 2001; or is it Insert > Surface > Transform?) I believe it's Edit > Transform in WF. (Not sitting in front of Pro E at the moment.)

Transform is recommended for surfaces because it results in smaller file sizes and faster regen times (transformed surfaces do not regenerate).

Or for solid features, are you talking about the Copy command using the Mirror option? Feature > Copy > Mirror in 2001, Edit > Feature Operations > Copy Mirror in WF.


New member
It seems like quite a few on this forum could benifit from the WF Menu Mapper. Help>Help Center, Click on Pro/Engineer Wildfire Menu Mapper and it will show the equivilent WF tools. In many cases you'll find that clicking through several menu leves has been replaced with one button.


New member
I'm not exactly sure but I think this has changed somewhat in WF 2.0. For a surface merge, for example, you used to be able to copy and transform just the merge feature. Now, at least in preproduction 2.0, it looks like you have to copy not just the the surface merge but also all the surfaces used to make it. Its turned into a fairly big operation though I haven't checked this on F000 yet.