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How to make format propt for a parameter?


New member
I have seen a format once that when opened, proe prompted the user to enter variables like drawn by, project name and designed by.

Can somone please post the method on how to do this?

Note, these are not parameter stored in the part file such as &userdefined or &filename, but random variables that pro e prompts one to enter.



when the format has user defined parameters and not parameters such as : &model_name, &date, and so on, then the system asks from you to enter a value for the parameters when you create a drawing and these parameters are not already defined in your part or assembly.

It is not a tip in proe, or something difficult. Create a format with a user defined parameter and then create a *drw file using this format, then you will see that (if you have not define this parameter in part mode) that the system will ask for you to enter a value for the user-defined parameter

For the examples you mentioned above, save the parameter &project_name or &drawn_by, somewhere in your format, and then try the above...



New member

Do you mean save a note in your format file that begins with an ampersand & and include the text?


If you do this will it prompt you for the info when you first insert the format?



Yes. There are a couple scenarios:

Note &project_name is in Format and Parameter project_name is in Part/Assembly

When you create a drawing, the drawing is automatically populated with the value of the parameter from the part/assembly. You will not be prompted for it in the drawing.

Note &project_name is in Format, but parameter project_name is not in Part/Assembly

When you create a drawing with the format, the drawing will prompt you for the note value &project_name because it can't retrieve the value from the part (the parameter doesn't exist in the part).

Parameter in Part: project_name

Note in Format: &project_name

We have parameters in our templates like revision, engineer, drawn_by, etc. We also have notes in our format title block &revision, &engineer, &drawn_by, etc.


the easiest way to go : set up parameters, enter your parameter name and give a value or a name to it


New member
and you can extend this to make some templates for your company or department,

in this chase you will don't forgot to set-up one param in one specific file.

For this things is another option: to use a reach symbol.

In those days I will upload one. I recomand this for small companys, who want to respect some drawing principle, but don't need data for PDM or Intralink.

Is easy to use, special when u have couple variable for each field (like Designer, Material, Scale, ... etc.)


New member
I know this posting is over 2 years old, but I'm hoping someone can still help me with it. I am having trouble getting pro/e to prompt me to enter certain variables when I open a new drawing. For example, I can not get pro/e to prompt me for a parameter if I have &Engineer in a note, only if it is in a table. I have a lot of information on my drawings that is not in a table that I would like to auto-fill in. I seem to be missing something here. How do I make a regular old note to prompt when I open a new drawing?


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