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how to make broken,half,section of a view


New member
hi friends,

can u help me , how to make half ,section,and broken vies in a single view?

if i take section(full) and broken of a single view, there seems to be no problem..

but if i am taking only half section and then taking broken view.. seems to problem

occurs as the view get doubled...

please give me a solution ..tanx..


New member
is it a broken view or a Partial view...I have created broken views, )for long items, ommiting mid-length, unimportant geometry...then applied the section.


New member
ya..its a broken view..but i want to take half section after that..not full section.

if i take full section there seems to be no problem..but if i take half
section of the view after taking the broken view..then the view gets
doubled only..not getting correct view..

please give me a solution..