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How to make assemblies of parts from different directories


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I am running the educational version of Pro/E 2001. When I attempt to assemble parts from a directory other than the working directory, these parts are unable to regenerate the next time I open the assembly in a new session. Is there any way to keep the directory, or subdirectory reference for that part?



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Are you using search paths? In, there are two related options. search_path is the path to the folder on your hard drive. You can have as many of these search_path statements as you need. However, Pro/ENGINEER performance degrades as the number of paths goes up.

If you have a large number of paths, they can be saved in a separate file. In the file, use search_path_file option to tell Pro/E where the search path file resides.

Also be wary of placing files with the same name in different folders. Pro/ENGINEER will run through the search paths and use the first matching file it finds. If you have different versions of the same file or different files with the same name in different directories, it may grab the wrong file.

When Pro/INTRALINK is being used, these options aren't used.


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I'm assuming you are a beginner, and need step by step instructions. mmead0ws is correct, however he forgot to tell you exactly what to do.

On your main window go to UTILITIES/OPTIONS. This will bring up your file. Under OPTION type search_path (this will automaticly fill after the first few letters). Then under VALUE type in the desired directory(example: /home/proe/). Hit ADD/CHANGE, and repeat as neccessary.


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This is a sample, in it could apper as follows:

search_path ..\CORE_ACTIVE

search_path ..\COVER

search_path ..\FINAL_ASSEMBLY

If you are in Final_Assembly dirctory, it (proe) could access files in Cover or Core_Active directories.


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There is also a separate text file for all of the search paths that you create called This text file can be edited as a stand alone file. You can create and edit one of these files in Notepad. The advantage here, is that you can see all of your paths clearly on one page and can add comments or break the page into sections.

Good luck,


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this is the correct method of doing it what mmead has stated

however u have to save that config file at a safer location and every time u want to access those assemblied u have to first apply that config before starting by > utilities >options>open>(open ur file)>apply.

pls revert back.