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How to link a layout with an assembly


New member

I made an assembly of a lifttable. The designer must be able to change the tabledimensions (length and width). So i wrote relations to relate all other parts of the assembly.

!!! But the length and width are now changed by double-clicking the dimension in the assembly model and then regenerate.

Now I would like to make a LAYOUT, so i picked 2 views from the assembly in an IGES-file, and created a layout. Length and width have to be filled in in the table. How can I link the length and width, filled in in de layout, to the length and with in the assembly.

NOTE: in the assembly, length is called : length:74

width is called: width:74

Could somebody please help me ?




New member
Open the assembly. Using Declare option, declare the layout to this assembly. The layout parameters are now available to the assembly. The layout has to be in session to declare.

Write appropriate relations.

Hope this will help you.