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How to keep tool down on surface in 5 axis surface milling?


New member
Does anybody know how to keep tool down on the surface in 5 axis surface milling? I get allot of jumping to retract height as Pro/nc mills the surface. Thanks...


New member
Dear mwd0327,

There may be a problem with the surface you chose to mill. Try creating a milling surface using the copy utility. Sometimes this will clean up any discrepancies in the surface definition.

Also, if this surface is not critical and can vary from the original surface, open the tolerance in the sequence parameters. This may also do the trick. Good luck.



New member
I have found this to happen when using 3-axis. I have found that when milling a complex cavity the tool will jump to the retract plane when it meets a round. Its not a problem when rough cutting, but it also occurs on the finish cut which leaves a small line. I am using proe 2001. Is this a bug with nc in 2001?



New member
The work around you are looking for is to turn off the surface checking for the sequence. Surf checking is on by default to insure you don