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How to keep model orientation on screen fixed when switching reps or cross sections


New member
Hi - How can I keep a part or assembly orientation fixed on the screen when switching between cross sections and/or simplified reps?

The model jumps around randomly every time I switch, requiring time and effort just to get back what I wanted to look at. Slows things waaaaay down in my head.

I tried a few years ago to find a solution, but couldn't find any online, or even any references to the issue. Either I'm the only person who experiences this or I'm the only one who finds it to be a problem. Both are hard to believe!

Thanks for any help or insight.

(btw I'm using Creo 3 M110)


New member
Many moons ago , there as a tutorial to make an asm move with relations every time it regenerated. To freeze the screen size/ position they used a larger surface that had it's layer hidden.

So I advise making a flat surface (perpendicular to view) much larger then your asm. I understand that Creo/ Pro-E tries to refit the screen to the model size if it changes. Give it a try and let us know if this works.