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How to Import an svg file to SolidWorks


New member

i need to import this particular file into SOLIDWORKS
for editing:

how can i do it..? i need to make an extrusion of this
2d diagram..but i will have to import it first.

i am not experienced with solidworks.

any help much appreciated.

With the Scanto3D add-in, SolidWorks can import these additional file types:

Mesh Files (*.NZIP;*.NXM;*.SCN;*.3DS;*.OBJ;*.STL;*.WRL;*.PLY;*.PLY2)

PointCloud Files (*.XYZ;*.TXT;*.ASC;*.VDA;*.IGS;*.IBL)

I do not see SVG as an option. You will probably need to find a software that can open an SVG file, and convert it to a DWG, or some other format SolidWorks can read / import. If you convert the SVG to DWG, it can be opened using SolidWorks DWGeditor.

Here is a link discussing converting SVG to DWG: [url] 01157[/url]

Let us know when you find a solution that works.
Noooo! I just came across this post. I know it's more than a decade old, but couldn't help but share/rant.
SVGs are vector graphics; they're scalable without loss. JPGs are raster images; they're pixel-based and lose resolution when scaled up.

CAD is a vector-based world. Why not keep it that way? You can convert directly from SVG to DXF in Inkscape ( and then import that into Solidworks (or any other program) without any loss. Most other CAD programs will let you import SVGs directly anyway, though.


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