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How to extract part dimensions to parameter?


New member
Hi all,

My problem is maybe simple, but I can't get the solution.

I need parameter that will represent model size (part) in real dimensions

XxYxZ but by coordinate system that I select !!!!

ModelCHECK funcionality OVERALL_DIMENSIONS gives

some results, but in most cases it is result by some unknown

coordinate system (something default, but nobody can tell me

which one is it), so in most cases this is not applicable.

Any help form you please.

[email protected]
You can get this by creating 'Evaluate' feature.

Here is example of getting Xx (Width).

Feature >

Create >

Datum >

Evaluate (Here you put evalute feature name let's call this 'xdim') >

Create (Here you put evaluate dimension name let's call this 'width') >

Distance (and select planes represents width of part/assy)

Now you have evaluate dimension of width.

Goto edit relations and add a line.


Now parameter 'X' represents width of your part.


New member
OK this is something, but it will be nice if

there is some automatic function or some

kind of add-on application that could do

it automatic.


New member
The only way to do it is in Pro/TOOLKIT i believe. You should first choose what kind of part is it

1. rotational -> output for diam and length

2. xyz

then choose csys and application should put it into a string for BOM.

There are quite some developers who can do it in one morning. Perhaps you can choose one of them and pay for custom application.


New member
I have asked PTC about this several times and submitted Enhancement Requests also. This is a very basic function and should be a simple parameter, but PTC won't add it! I know it is possible because ProNC automatically sizes a workpiece to fit the overall lengths of a part, but it is not available anywhere else.

The only way they will add it is if they get enough requests, so go fill out an Enhancement Request online at