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How to distribute parameters?


New member
OK this maybe was here, but...

How to put one parameter from top level assembly (e.g. project_number) to all parts in this assembly, but without Pro Intralink or any other PDM?

Also, how to add relation to all parts without entering each part?

Maybe this seems ridiculous, but when I finish my mold design I need to make 2D documentation, and in all drawings I need to have project_number.

THNX in addvance.



You cannot add this parameter to each part without entering to each part separately, if you want to have an automatically repeat region in your drawing.

If you don


New member
U can do it..

What u need to know is how to write trail scripts and a little bit of batch programming.

Write a batch file which looks for all the parts/assemblies in a directory and runs another batch file say sub.bat.

This sub.bat should write a trail script that creates a parameter named project_number and assigns a value to it.


New member
You don't need to know how to program! All you need to do is click UTILITIES/MAPKEYS/NEW choose a name and key sequence, then hit RECORD(make sure record keyboard inputis checked) go to SETUP/PARAMETERS/NEW type projuct_number and assign a value then click OK.


New member
Then you just open every part in the assembly and click the mapkey. It still requires you to open all the parts, but will save you a lot of typing, and clicking!


New member
Hi dida128 I can propose one simple, but manualy, way to do this: you have to create the parameter you need only in the master assembly, then in the model tree, without opening each file, you can put the value you want. Since the parameter don't exist in the part, the system will ask you the parameter type the first time you assign it to a part. I know this way isn't the fastest but i think it is very simple!


Mr zalb76

Very clever answer..

well done..

And also with this way someone uses this visibility option of the model tree to check if all the models has the parameters assigned on them



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