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How to create this hole


New member
I am trying to create a hole as shown below but get a warning that the hole lies completely outside the model. This problem is not a big deal for me but the machine shop complains because the part file will not load into Mastercam.

The desire is to have the pilot hole go through to the center bore and then tap to a given depth. Seems simple doesn't it?

Here's the problem: I can't just extend the depth of the pilot hole in the hole creation dialog becasue the only two options available are THRU ALL or VARIABLE. I need a THRU NEXT option

I created the hole in two steps. I first created a standard hole equal to the pilot hole diameter using THRU NEXTfor thedepth. I then added a coaxial standard threaded hole. It appears that pro produces the warning because it did not have to remove material to create the pilot hole when the threaded hole is regenerated.

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For your 2nd step (creating thread), instead of crating another hole you need to create a cosmetic thread (Feature > Create > Cosmetic > Thread).



What version of ProE are you using.

In Wildfire 2.0, you can make a hole using the hole feature, select tapped hole, through to next, and go to the shape menu, and change the thread depth there.


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Can you create a protrusion and then transform it into a cut of a certain depth, insted of a hole?


New member
What dose the shop need besides the axis of the hole.

Also if you are not using pro to manufacture the part dont bother using a hole feature just use a cut. they have the options you are looking for.


New member
The shop needs an error free model to load it into Mastercam.

I would prefer to use a hole feature so my notes are automatically generated


New member

In WF you do not create a cut, you create a protrusion first and then you mayselect to remove the material. This way your protrusion becomes a cut.

Mr. kslattery,

Create a cut instead of using HOLE feature in 2001.

This allows you to create the hole and position it on the side of the part at a certain distance from the top of the part . You can dimension it referencing the axis of the hole( or create a plane thru the axis nomal onthe surface you sketch and reference it).

I work in WF , which is a bit different.




New member

Since you know the size of the block use half that as your depth, no thru next.

That will get you thru one side. Not being a big fan of the hole feature I prefer using a cut for something like that.

As far as translation problems into MasterCam. I Iges'ed , Step'ed and used the ProE native file format into Mcam and had no problems.

I have had translation problems into Mcam before and found that if I copy the file into Mcam default dir <C:\Mcam9\Data> it seemed to take care of the problem

Now that is the default path for convertors, yours may be different as per installation... you need to check in config for Mcam to see where it reads.

Mcam does allow you to pick a different dir,, but Mcam is basically a DOS program running under windows, all I can say is that moving it over works. You can set up a shortcut under Send To and make it real easy

Using 2001 and Mcam 9.1


New member
Iwasntkeen in checking the repliesso if anybody has done this same way plz dont mistake me
see it is quite easy
create the hole first using thro next option (Make sure that the hole is of smaller dia than required)
then create the standard hole from the library of standards (This is the exact hole which is required)
hope this will work