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how to copy a quilt from A.prt to B.prt


New member
i want to copy asurface/quilt from another part to my working part for references & other uses

pl help me how to do the same

Thax & regards
assemble both parts into an assembly. Select, Modify, Modify Part (select the part WITHOUT the surface), Feature, Create, Surface, Copy (select the surfaces from the part WITH the surfaces), Done Return, Done, Done ect...

Now open the part & the copied surfaces will be there, but remember, they can only be modified in the assembly, so SAVE the assembly.

This is the method I use because I don't have the advanced assembly module. I know there are other methods of doing this, but this is my method.

Hope this help,

You can also use a Copy Geom feature, which allows you to copy lots of different types of entities, not just surfaces, e.g., curves, edges, points, axes, datum planes, copy geom features, publish geom features,etc. The other big advantage is you can toggle dependency on and off.

David Martin

Torgon Industries
>>Another big advantage to the Copy Geom feature is you don't have any dependencies on assemblies

That's only with the external Copy Geom. The regular copy geom feature still creates a dependency to the parent assembly.

-Brian Adkins
>>This Copy Geom is also dependent on the Advanced Assembly Extension

Good point.... Does Foundation contain any of the data-sharing features (copy geom / merge / inheritance / shrinkwrap) ?

Just wondering...

-Brian Adkins
This is with reference to Wildfire...

Edit > Feature Operations > Copy > New Refs / FromDifModel

might help.

Insert > Shared Data > Merge from other Model

might also be of some use.

Both operations can be done outside of an assembly.


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