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How to Change the start Part


New member
Hi Can any one can tell me how can I change the start part for Part& Assembly files, which are already modeled.

Thanks in Advance.


New member
Hi rp_h26,

You can create a new part & assembly files then replace the old part & assembly files

where it is located..


New member

You can create your own directory and put as many start parts you require without replacing the default. Here is the config option:

start_model_dir C:\enter full path name here

I found it very useful to actually create different geometry inside different start parts with the drawings dimensioned etc.. You can also have family tables inside your start parts, to have drawings you will need one for each instance.


New member

To change start part for a part or a assembly file.First u group all the features by local so that the group file will be saved as *.gph then u start ur new file with ur start part then u call the group it will ask the references u just give the ref then all the features will be copied to the new one.




New member
Create a partas you like it to be, save it somewhere on your computer, and config this option inconfiguration file:

template_solidpart = path of part created.

that's all, very easy. The same way, you can setting assembly start part, manufacturing part, drawing part...

hope this's helpful