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How to assemble a box full of nails?


New member
I needto model a box full of nails, where the nails are place in random orientations. Anyone know if there's a way to assemble this in Pro E? If not, is there a functioninPro E to fillan empty volume withas manycopies of a part as possible?


New member
Why would you need a box full of nails? Just wondering....

How about you make a box with the weight and CG of the full box of nails and take a photo of the top surface of a box of nails and apply the photo to the top surface of the modeled box. That way you have the weight, CG, and appearance of a box of nails but not the extream drain of computing power to model an actual box of nails......

Just a thought



New member
Well the box of nails is an example of what I'm trying toaccomplish.In theactual problem I'm working on, the "box" is much more complicated than a cube or rectangle. Think more in the way of amissile or warhead filledwith nails or large grains of propellant. Anybody havea better idea to represent thisassembly?


New member
Oh, I get it, EOD. Well, one thing to consider is why do you need to represent this filler material. Is this for visualization purposes and will it be totally encapsulated? If so viewing the cross section and then mapping a photo of your material onto the assembly starts to sound promising. Do you need to represent the material for BOM purposes, if so, then simplyadding a bulk item will suffice. As far as filling a space in an assembly with several small randoming placed "grains", I don't think it can be done.