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How do you create custom hatch patterns?


Does anyone know how to make new hatch patterns for Pro/E drawing cross-sections?

I know there are several standards like steel, zinc, etc...

But I need to get hold of a speckled pattern, or find out to create one.




New member
Try out these

Open or create a drawing with views having section(cross hatching).Select the hatching right click,choose Properties.

Then from the resulting MENU select ADD LINE, define spacing,offset,angle for the line.Go on adding the lines to make up your hatch pattern.Afer done,choose DELETE LINE from the menu,select the original line(s) of the hatch pattern in which you have added lines.Now you can set differen LINE FONTS for individual lines added.Finally choose SAVE from the menu.Your hatch pattern is created for you in any drawing.

You can also set a folder for your hatch patterrns using the confing option PRO_CROSSSEC_DIR


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This method is great for creating different versions of "lined" hatching, but what about creating a "speckled pattern"? Is there a library of .xch files anyone knows of? I am also finding this to be a problem.


As an update to my original post... I found a way to create some "speckling"... by creating a multi-line hatch, then setting each line to be dotted (you need a custom linestyle here, with big spaces between the dots)

Then you can modify the line angles, offsets, etc... until you get a satisfactory hatch.

It's far from ideal, and I look forward to the day when Pro/E accepts non-linear hatch fills... probably calls for an enhancement request...[ Added : E4978426 ]

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Dear all, maybe you can help me with the following: i need a specific hatching pattern for glass-material which somewhat looks like the one in the attached picture.

View attachment 2730

The pattern is madeof 2 small and one larger line.

Can anyone help me out?



New member
Could you be morespecific with the type of mat.? There 340 deferents types of glass mat. I would like to create a new .mat file to see what kind fo hatch wf3 will come up with.


New member
Hello arroyopr, at this stage the type of glass is not important, only the process how to make the specific pattern. In the picture beneath you can see details of the pattern.

I tried to make different patterns, but i can only make linetypes which are available in Pro-e with variations in angle and distance. The use of the user interface which pops up when defining a new linetype i experienced user unfriendly.

BTW: At this moment we are still working with Pro-E 2001. Plans are beeing made to upgrade to wf3. Testing will be done in october 2006 and i hope that there is a significant improvement and not only a nice looking user interface.

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