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How do you change the coordinate system for rotating a body?


New member
I'm new to making animations, infact I started yesterday. I can handle all of the smooth sliding transitions just fine, but now I would like to rotate a body that I have defined. My selected body rotates about the default coordinate axis, but I would like it to be different.

Do I need to define a new coordinate system?

Can I move the default coordinate system?

Do I need to define a new connection about which the body will rotate?
I found the solution to what I was trying to do. I used mechanism, created a pin type connection. I then created a servo driver to move my part. I am able to capture this and create a mpeg movie for demonstration purposes.
Mechanism design is the convenient solution but for those without access to this module, just disable the constraints on the standard application assembly and in design animation use Package Move. Rotation can be specified on a different CSYS other than the default CSYS of the body.


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