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How do you break dimension lines ?


New member
In Wildfire 2.0 it's Insert, Break, pick the 2 points to break.

I haven't been on WF 1.0 for over a year so i don't know if it's the same.


New member
In order to break dimensions lines. If you have to dim a radial dimension, for example r=1000, the auxiliar line always reachsuntil the center of the circle. Is not possible to cut this line? How do you make to dim a r=2000 radio into a DIN-A4 format? I can


New member
Thanks to all.

I knew how to do it in Pro/e 2001. I did not know how WF1 works.

We are not yet at WF2 version.

Thanks Moroso, your answer helped.

XICANDER, maybe you want to ask those who know more about your issue in a separate post, I have no knowledge how to do it. Sorry.