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How do I show all versions in Intralink 3.2?


New member
Here's a simple question for you,

I see VIEW > MODE > Latest Version is checked. How do I show ALL VERSIONS in the commonspace?

Thanks in advance.


New member
Not sure exactly why you need this but.....anywhoo, all ya need to do to see all the available versions of the file in commonspace is to do one of the following:

simply select the file you want to see the versions for and then select OBJECT>INFORMATION. In the dialog box that opens there should be all the versions in the left-hand side of the box. Sometimes this doesn't work that well as far as speed is concerned. Just click on the different icons of the versions to see information about them when the dialog box opens.

Another way is to go to 'VIEW'>'FULL TREE' this will refresh the left-hand file-tree with some hidden folder categories. Click on the PLS folder and all the files within that folder will appear in list. Then select the file + next to the icon. This will display the versions/revisions, under the main and any other branches you may have (all versions will show).

The MODE area you are referring to is only to switch between the view modes for each dialog, there is no true way to show all versions for every object in commonspace all at once that i know of.

Hope this helps a little.


New member
Another way to see all of the versions in 3.2 is to use the search utility. As crappy as this utility is it does at least list all versions of an object.


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