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How do I mirror a surface without join lines showing?


New member
I am creating a computer mouse model ( V 2001), I create it with two datum curves inb the first direction and get a fairly good result after setting up my boundary conditions, using the centre line as the boundary and setting it up as NORMAL, when I mirror this surface across my datum plane I get a good shape with no join line. The problem is that I need to use another datum curve in the second direction to get the required shape, when I create the model this way, I dont know how to set up the boundary conditions and when I mirror the surface i get a visible join line through the centre of both surfaces. Any Advice surfacing experts??? see picture attatched.......... View attachment 86
You will need to make your surfaces/datum curves tangent where they meet to get rid of the line.
I can't seem to get a constraint on the centre datum curve in sketcher, how else can I make it tangent?
Or manually dimension the tangency conditions of your datum curves at the normal plane. I had difficulty using the impose sketcher constraints icon within the intent manager. The problem that I used to have was even though I wanted to set the tangency condition using these icons they would never be set.

The message in the following link has some great info at the bottom of the page that explains how to manually dimension the tangency conditions. In particular read miked's message.
Thanks a lot for the e-mail doug by the way, the mouse model you sent me really helped for surfaces in one direction, when i set the boundary up as Normal I get RESOLVE when I go to view my model, It's because of this extra curve in the second direction on the centre datum plane. would it be better to use ISDX?
Cheers guys for the help, think ive cracked it! ........... I tried using three datum curves spaced out along the main datum curve instead of the one, Pro E then allowed me to set the boundary condition to Normal on this curve the model now has no join line. Cheers B_spline for the link it was very interesting. post another challenge soon......................