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How do I create a 180 degree loop in pro/piping?


New member
I would like to know if it is possible to create a 180 degree point-to-point bend in piping. I know how to use a datum curve to do this but would rather use point-to-point routing. Thanks


New member

I wanted to try this first. I was able to create 180 degree bends using ezrouter in 2001. I tried this in both flexible fix length and straight pipe environs. You'll need to pay attention to your corner radiuss. If using flex and free length and you make the distance between too short you'll likely get extra loop of hose to make the connection.

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New member
Sorry md. The only thoughts I have are a datum point array. Then select those points for the route. Warning, this is only a thought since I have no way to try this.

Best regards!


New member
hi md,

what i think is you can create some points and route though them or sketch a curve. i also route hoses and tubes. i do it by defining points and it works for me.